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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wholesalers of Computer Memory, Storage, Communication, IT Peripherals, Digital Cameras, MP4 Players, Microsim Computers LLC. is a leading Memory and IT peripherals distribution company. Microsim product line includes Memory, Storage, Video/ Multimedia, Smart Card Solutions, Bluetooth/Wireless products, Digital Accessories, Networking and Communication and this portfolio keeps growing. Microsim products are distributed and sold through a variety of channels including IT distributors, SI, assemblers, retailers, mobile/electronics shops and computer malls. 

Microsim gives extra emphasis to ensure that most of their products are both Mac and PC compatible. Microsim provides memory products for all brands of PC's, Macs, Servers, Workstation, Printers, Plotters, Routers, Notebooks, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, etc. Microsim offers quality memory products at a guaranteed low price. Microsim memory products are made from superior components and are rigorously tested under ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure 100% compatibility and durability. Memory is Microsim's focus and the company has dedicated extensive resources to ensure Microsim Memory remains as one of the leading Memory brand regionally and globally. 

Some of the most popular products of Microsim are: 

Microsim specialises in hard-to-find memory products for Compaq-HP, IBM, Dell, SUN, Siemens, SONY, Toshiba, Cisco, etc. All memory products are of major brands and carry Lifetime Limited Warranty. Microsim delivers memory modules in SIMM, DIMM, SO-DIMM, RIMM, DDR and custom form factors that utilise latest technologies. Microsim Flash memory products includes ATA Flash cards, USB Flash Drives, CompactFlash, Smartmedia, Multimedia, SecureDigital, and Memory Stick. To enhance the customer creativity with digital films, Microsim has all kinds of card readers with PCMCIA, CF and USB interface. 

Microsim Flash Memory cards are the most popular and dependable removable storage devices for storing and transporting data including images, movies and music. They are designed with flash technology, a non-volatile storage solution that does not lose its information when power is removed from the card. The cards contain no moving parts and are extremely rugged, providing much greater data protection than conventional magnetic disk drives. Microsim Flash Memory cards are commonly used in portable applications such as Digital Cameras, Digital Music Players, PDA's and Mobile Phones. Microsim Flash Memory cards offer quality and performance at a very reasonable price. 

CARD READERS Microsim Flash Card Readers makes it easy to connect your electronic devices to your computer. Move data quickly from the flash card you use in your Digital Cameras, Digital Music Player's or Handhelds to any Desktop or Notebook with a USB port (both Macs and PCs). Just plug the card reader into your computer's USB port and plug the card into the reader - its just that easy. With readers for a single card type to readers that accept 8 or 12 different card types, Microsim Flash Card Reader offers the versatility you need to make your data transfer speedy and simple. Portable, convenient and compatible with all flash cards. USB 

Microsim USB hi-speed flash drives offers convenience and compatibility in the palm of your hand. About the size of a lipstick case, the drive's slimline design easily fits into your pocket or bag. A convenient way to quickly and reliably shuttle data between USB enabled computers - Desktops or Notebooks and any system running Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux... 

Microsim USB Pen & Card Reader - a high quality pen with built-in hidden USB Flash Disk Drive, a individual single slot SD/RS MMC card reader inside and a key chain. Plug & Play, this drive uses flash memory and is an ultra light and portable USB device that acts like a removable hard drive when plugged into a USB port. Perfect for mobile users on the go or anyone who needs to transport data and it can be carried around in your pocket. The USB Flash Pens use quality materials and comes with an international size standard refills. The Microsim USB Pen & Card Reader is an elegant gift idea for back to school, college students, computer engineers, business professionals, etc... 

For playing MP3s and downloaded music wherever you go, Microsim MP3 Player is the ultimate lifestyle accessory offering a wide range of features and giving you incredible flexibility on how you listen to music. Small enough to carry on a keychain, or wear around your neck or wrist while you walk, work out, or jog. Microsim MP3 Player comes with a built-in MP3/WMA Playback, Digital Voice Recorder, USB Flash Drive, FM Radio and language learning. 

Microsim DVCam allows you to create and enjoy live Movies, high-resolution Photos, MP3 Music, Voice Annotation as well as Online Video Conferencing. Microsim DVCam produce exceptional images and is designed to combine the functionality of a digital still camera and a digital video camera. Microsim Digital Video Cameras offer smart features, high quality optics and great value. A good choice for families who want a digital video camera that is easy to use and offers cutting-edge technology. Microsim DVCam - for beginning professionals and consumers with a discerning eye 

Bluetooth technology unplugs your digital peripherals and makes cable clutter a thing of the past. Use your Bluetooth enabled Mac or PC to print document and digital images to a select printer that supports Bluetooth technology. Or use a Bluetooth headset to talk to your friends and colleagues during an AV session. Bluetooth technology is a cutting-edge open specification that enables short-range wireless connections between desktop and notebook computers, handhelds, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, camera phones, printers, digital cameras, headsets, keyboards and even a computer mouse. Bluetooth wireless technology uses a globally available frequency band (2.4GHz) for worldwide compatibility. 

The finest Wi-FI and Home Plug products available to easily share an internet connection, transfer files, share printers, communicate with peripheral devices, and more without a complicated Ethernet network. Our wireless networks set up easily to give you all the advantages of networking, along with freedom from cables. Now you can roam around your home or office, anywhere within your wireless range and stay connected to the Internet, email, and your network. Wide wireless coverage area and fast data speeds make Microsim the perfect choice for your wireless networking needs 

Microsim offers complete solutions for travellers and mobile professionals, including enhancements for your Notebooks, Desktops, and for your portable Music Player, Cell Phones and PDA accessories. Microsim mobile accessories brings you real mobility - Internet surfing, networking, file sharing, and document printing can all be performed at home, at the office or on the road without cable constraints. Morever, expand the storage capacity of your portable electronics with Microsim flash cards and flash card readers. Get the most from your mobile electronics, wherever you need them to go. 

Microsim iPod accessories designed specifically for iPods is not only great looking but its an ultimate accessory for the iPod. Imagine having a high powered FM Transmitter, an iPod Auto Charger, a convenient iPod Dock and super bass Speakers. 

Microsim iPod accessories include the Microsim CarPod FM, the All-in-One car solution for your iPod Digital FM transmitter. Compatible with all full sized dock connector iPods, including the very newest ones; iCassette, the Intelligent Cassette Adapter for iPod. Microsim iCassette plays any portable CD, MP3, Mini Disc or iPod through any Car Stereo or Home Audio Cassette Player; Microsim iDock station for your iPod & iPod Mini. 

The docking station is a convenient and elegant cradle that make syncing & charging your iPod or iPod Mini through PC easier than ever; iPower Plug, plug the charger into an AC outlet and charge any iPod with Dock Connector; Microsim iBass super bass speaker and charger designed to visually complement the iPod, iPod Photo, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and other MP3 Players; Microsim iCar Charger adapter allows you to take your iPod on the road and listen to great music while keeping your iPod fully charged; Microsim iCase and iCase Mini, the ultimate protection sleeves for your iPods. 

Microsim PDA accessories improve the ways you use your handhelds every day. Discover our versatile selection, ranging from portable rapid charger to innovative compact keyboards, great ways to make your PDA really work for you. Our styles complement today's most popular PDA models, and each product pass demanding quality-assurance tests to deserve the exclusive Microsim Lifetime Warranty. 

Microsim Polaris MP4 Digital Audio Player supports multiple audio formats such as MP3, WMA, ASP, WAV, etc. It has a built-in FM Radio Receiver and is capable of storing 30 channels. A large 1.5" LCD screen and elegant picture menu for easy video viewing and is capable of recording high quality digital recording. Supports ID3 - capable of synchronous display of song name, singer and lyrics. Microsim Polaris MP4 Digital Audio Player comes with a built-in Digital Voice Recorder. Microsim is looking for agents and distributors in African countries to further popularise its products in the African continent.
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