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Nikai Corporation has emerged as a dynamic and confident pace setter in the field of electronics and home appliances. Few companies in the electronics trade embody the spirit of innovation better than Nikai - which has combined sophisticated technology with trend-setting style to produce a unique and highly refined range of electronic products under its internationally acclaimed brand name, Nikai. Nikai's unchallenged pedigree is appropriately matched with a comprehensive product range - providing high quality goods to suit varying budgets and needs.

Over the years, Nikai has dedicated itself to providing a wide and diverse range of quality products backed by a professional sales and service network. The product range offered by Nikai is unmatched and ever expanding. Nikai offers a large selection in products ranging from audio/video and home to kitchen appliances. The company's untiring efforts in raising the living standards and comforts of its clientele by providing quality products at affordable prices has been a major pillar of its success.

Nikai's comprehensive product range is backed by an equally comprehensive after-sales service. All Nikai products carry a one-year guarantee and even at the end of the guarantee period, the customer is assured of prompt after-sales service by the Nikai Customer Care Cell - a dedicated department that provides prompt and efficient after-sales service. As part of its responsibility as a global enterprise, Nikai places great emphasis on protection of the environment and applies its technological expertise to the creation of innovative products that are safe for the environment and the people that use them. Energy-saving low power consumption vacuum cleaners, electric oil radiators and energy-saving cooking ranges as well as resource saving packaging materials are just a few examples of achievements in preventing the deterioration of the world's environment.

The guiding philosophy of the growth and development of Nikai products lies in its quest for quality and its untiring commitment to excellence. Little wonder then that Nikai has emerged as a Total Home Solutions brand and is moving confidently to face the challenges of the next millenium. 

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