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House of Memory And Processing
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

House of Memory and Processing (HMP) is a leading exporter, wholesaler and distributor of computer hardware and peripherals and a specialist supplier of Memory, CPUs and Hard Disks to the overseas markets. HMP has been supplying to African markets low-priced computers based on the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor. This computer model - HMP: Inas 06 - can be delivered in various configurations and can be custom built as per customer requirements. 

The Inas 06 series of computers supplied by HMP have been very popular in many overseas markets. Many wholesalers and retailers based in these countries have been importing computers from HMP on a regular basis to resell in their local markets. HMP also provides quality memory solutions for a variety of uses and applications. 

The company is known for the high quality of SD-RAM, RD-RAM and D-RAM solutions. Memory , CPU and HDD provided by the company are of top quality and of renowned brand names. All these products can be shipped directly from the Jebel Ali Free Zone or can be sourced directly from the company's offices in central Dubai. All products supplied by HMP carry a one-year comprehensive warranty against any kind of manufacturing defect. 

Some of the many popular brand names supplied by HMP to the regional and international markets include such well-known names as Infenion Memory, Quantum and Maxtor. As a specialist supplier of Memory solutions, HMP has been able to meet the varying requirements of its vast customer base spread over the entire Middle East and African markets. 

By maintaining a comprehensive inventory of all kinds of Memory, we are in a position to meet the varying demands of all our customers. Memory modules for Sun, Compaq, IBM, Dell, CISCO are available with us at nominal costs. In addition to standard Memory, we also supply Flash Memory Cards and Memory ICs. Besides being one of the leading suppliers of Memory, HMP is also known as a specialist supplier of Central Processing United (CPUs) like Intel, Pentium III, Pentium IV and Celeron. 

Yet another specialisation of HMP is the supply of high quality long life Hard Disks for a variety of applications. The company maintains a ready stock of a variety of Hard Disks from such leading manufacturers as Maxtor and Western Digital. These high speed Hard Disks are known for their stability and long life and are backed by a complete one-year warranty. You can find all sizes of Hard Disks at HMP, anything from 20 GB onwards. HMP also supplies a variety of computer peripherals and accessories. 

The wide range of products offered by HMP, together with the company's relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped it cultivate a loyal clientele. The company has emerged as a leading supplier of Memory, CPUs and Hard Disks to the Middle East markets. 

Having already established our name in the Middle East, HMP is now targetting to increase its market share in the emerging markets overseas. We are aiming to increase our customer base in overseas markets. The high quality and low prices of our products will help us form longterm business relationships in the price sensitive markets.

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