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Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Manufacturers of a variety of cleaning brooms and brushes. The brushes manufactured by El Helal & Golden Star Factories are colourful and of contemporary design. These brushes are made of durable material and are known for their long life and superior performance. The high quality of the brushes is ensured by the use of machined bristle ends for maximum dust picking capability. The bristles on the brushes are fused (not glued or stapled) to the base in order to give the brushes a longer life. 

Some brushes also incorporate flared bristles to provide extended reach for those hard-to-reach areas. Electroplated paint on the handle and base prevents wear and tear and chipping. The company's push brooms come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet a wide variety of needs and requirements. The push broom line includes Fine Sweep for light dust, Medium Sweep for heavier debris, Heavy Sweep for extra heavy or coarse debris, and Garage / Street Brushes for the heavy-duty debris and coarse surfaces. 

With a number of different brushes in each category you are sure to find the perfect tool for your job. Several styles of uprights and corn brooms, as well as several household brushes are available. Dusters, dust pans, and multi-purpose brushes are all available for shipment to any part of the world. 

Brushes and brooms manufactured by El Helal & Golden Star Factories have gained international popularity and are being exported to various countries around the world. Customers prefer to deal with El Helal & Golden Star Factories because of the high quality of its products, prompt delivery schedules and competitive pricing structures. A big advantage of doing business with us is that all manufacturing is done in one facility, under one roof. We do not sell brushes we don't manufacture ourselves. Because we produce every brush we sell, we control the quality and attention that goes into them. 

We are proud of our brushes, and we value those customers who order from us. All our employees are dedicated to seeing that the brushes we ship give full customer satisfaction. Our most important priority is satisfying our customersÕ exact brush needs, and delivering these brushes when and where they need them. 

We are here to serve you, and we know that without our valued customers, our brush business would not be successful. Indeed, the company's untiring commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped it earn a loyal and growing clientele around the world. Brushes and brooms manufactured by El Helal & Golden Star Factories are being exported to more than 15 countries around the world. 

The company's dedicated production facility in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to produce high quality brushes and brooms using the latest production procedures. All raw material used in the production processes is selected after a stringent quality test to ensure that the end product meets international standards of quality and workmanship. As a result, the company's products have earned an enviable reputation in the international markets.

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