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So Safe Water Technologies
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Design and manufacture of world-class water filtration and treatment products. The company has acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification, which is a testament to its efforts to manufacture high-quality water treatment solutions. Years of experience in water treatment industry has enabled us to produce durable equipment that performs well in almost any application. 

So~Safe Water Technologies is also a member of the Water Quality Association. The company's broad product line includes: 
  • Water Filters 
  • Sediment Removal Cartridges, 
  • Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges, 
  • Taste / Odor / Chemical Processing Specialty Cartridges, 
  • UV Sterilizers, 
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants, 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants and related spare parts 
In addition to this, So~Safe also deals in Filter Housings, Filtration Units with Sediment Cartridges, Counter Top Filtration Units, Wall Mounting Filtration Units, Dual Water Filters, Triple Water Filters, Filtration Systems with Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Ultraviolet Sterilizers without Filtration System, Ultraviolet Lamps and Quartz Sleeves, Stainless Steel Housings, Multimedia Automatic Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems (Domestic), Reverse Osmosis Systems (Commercial), Brackish Water R/O Systems, High Brackish Water R/O Systems, Sea Water R/O Systems, R/O Desalination Systems, Containerized Filtration and Desalination Systems, Custom Design Bottling Plants, Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks and Manual Water Softeners, Automatic Water Softeners, Bag Filters, Custom Designed Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sediment Removal Cartridges, Media Cartridges, Filter Media, Water Treatment Chemicals, Accessories and Other Parts, Community Water Centres etc. 

Unlike most developed countries around the world, African nations are faced with severely deteriorating quality of water for their day-to-day consumption. As water-borne diseases become rampant, the need for water treatment is continually ascending. 

While So~Safe has appointed distributors in various countries across Africa, several other countries are still deprived of purified drinking water either due to lack of awareness or inaccessibility to cost-effective and high quality water purification systems. As a result, So~Safe Water Technologies has launched an extensive marketing campaign to introduce its products and services in new and emerging markets in the African continent. In a bid to further expand its distribution network in Africa, So~Safe Water Technologies is looking for reliable business partners in African countries to act a agents and distributors for its products and services. 

The demand for water purification products in African countries has been registering a steady growth in recent years and So~Safe Water Technologies aims to meet this rising demand by providing high quality products at competitive prices. 

Agents and Distributors Wanted in Africa!

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