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Saga Orient Shipping And Logistics
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As part of the renowned Bollore Group, Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics LLC was established in Dubai in January 2008 to provide high quality logistics services as well as customized ones to project requirements for clients in the Middle East. 

In a short period of time, Saga Orient has emerged as a leading provider of shipping and logistics services to between the UAE and Africa. In fact, Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics already has an impressive track record of servicing clients from the West African countries like Angola, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Congo and Ghana.
Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics LLC is specialized in providing freight and logistics services between Africa and the Middle East and has a presence in over 42 countries in Africa. 

As trade between Africa and Dubai gains further momentum, Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics LLC aims to further strengthen this link by providing top-notch freight and logistics services to facilitate this trade route between the UAE and the African continent. 

Saga Shipping provides a wide array of services that includes procurement services, visa arrangement for African buyers, pre-shipment inspection, warehousing, transportation (air, sea and land) and customs clearance - to name a few.
By providing such a comprehensive range of world-class services, Saga Orient has been able to gain the confidence and loyalty of a large number of African buyers, looking to procure goods from Dubai. 

In order to meet client obligations and satisfaction, a dedicated project team is appointed to follow each shipment till its reaches its final destination. "As a member of the BollorĂ© Group, transport and logistics specialist, we can offer you the fullest possible range of reliable alternatives and a capillary presence worldwide" says Fabrizio Messina, general manager of Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics. "Africa, is one of our main markets and we are confident that customers are and will be happy with our comprehensive bouquet of services and competitive rates" 

Whether it is consolidation of cargo, warehousing, procurement guidance, visa and accommodation in Dubai, we will find the most appropriate solution to fit your needs," he says.
His views are echoed by Sajeev Vijayan, deputy general manager and an experienced professional in the field: "Our services to Africa form the core of our business and we aim to emerge as one of the top shipping and logistics providers to and from Africa by providing state-of-the-art logistics and transportation solutions for our clients. Our extensive network of offices in Africa is testimony to our commitment and confidence to the emerging markets of Africa."
Indeed, Saga Orient Shipping & Logistics LLC is a major international player. As part of the Bollore Group it has the backing of a global network of over 600 offices and over 30,000 employees. 

The Bollore Group is the biggest transport and logistics operator in Africa and it is the leading player in the stevedoring business in Africa.

It is also engaged in the leasing of ports. It operates the container terminals at Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, Douala in Cameroon, Tema in Ghana and Lagos-Tincan in Nigeria and has been granted the franchise for the port of Libreville in Gabon.
The Group sees to all administrative and customs clearance for its customers, before and after transport; it forwards goods by road or rail to their final destination, often using rail networks it operates (like Camrail in Cameroon; Sitarail between Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso) as well as an expansive network of well established agents in the inland countries of Africa. 

Upon client's request, Saga Orient tracking system can provide the record of all shipping documents, such as Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, shipping invoices, packing lists and any other relevant documentation.

The client, through a dedicated password, can access the system and collect the documents of his interest, well before the vessel arrival and start the customs process beforehand. 

It also has major storage facilities for exported agricultural goods from Africa and provides logistics support for major mining and oil projects throughout Africa.
With such an impressive track record behind it, Saga Shipping is one of the leading integrator of a wide range of logistic services and is well equipped to organize manifold typologies of transport from any origin to any destination – no matter what mode of transport or type of goods - from single parcel to industrial cargo. 

Its specialized services to the African continent provide a truly 'African connection' to the world markets.


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