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Dates International Cargo LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dates International Cargo LLC has been in Dubai for more than a decade to play a major role between Emirates and Africa. 

Dates Cargo is committed to link our customer's cargo to anywhere in the Africa. With our network, Strong relationship with quality agents as well as integrated freight management system, Dates Cargo delivers to our customer's reliability, efficiency, flexibility and best value added services, achieving our motto: "Redefines your Cargo Experience". In a short period of time, Dates Cargo has emerged as a leading provider of shipping and logistics services to between the UAE and Africa. In fact, Dates Cargo Shipping & Logistics already has an impressive track record of servicing clients from the African countries like Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Angola, Mauritania, Congo, Togo, Benin, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Gambia and many more.  

As trade between Africa and Dubai gains further momentum, Dates Cargo aims to further strengthen this link by providing top-notch freight and logistics services to facilitate this trade route between the UAE and the African continent. Dates Cargo provides a wide array of services that includes procurement services, visa arrangement for African buyers, pre-shipment inspection, warehousing, transportation (air, sea and land) and customs clearance - to name a few.

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