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AL Tabbari Trading
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Suppliers of a wide range of plastic household goods that includes items ranging from plastic handbaskets, decorative items, laundry caskets, water coolers, food containers, shoe racks, bread baskets, glasses, utensils and pots - to name a few. The company has been meeting the rising demand for high quality plastic household goods not only in the Middle East markets but also in the neighbouring markets of Russia, the CIS and Africa. 

The company's products are manufactured using high quality raw materials that guarantee long life and provide customers with longterm solutions for their household needs. In order to meet the wide requirements of plastic household goods, the company has developed a comprehensive product line The company's products have been gaining popularity throughout the world for their long life, high quality and attractive designs. In fact, the company has been registering a healthy growth in its turnover with the passing of each year. 

Our products are known for their high quality, long life and vibrant designs. The extremely low prices of our products further add to their appeal. Indeed, the increasing sales turnover of the company proves that plastic goods supplied by Al Tabari have been winning over new customers from various parts of the world during the last few years. The company has been exporting a wide range of its superior quality goods to Russia, CIS, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Oman on a regular basis. Demand for plastic goods designed for home use has been growing all across the world. 

A comprehensive product range, attractive designs and low prices have helped the company establish a growing clientele in various countries. The company now aims to appoint agents and distributors of its products in other countries.

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