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Najer Mobile Phones Trading
Dubai, United Arab Emirates is your one-stop-shop for gadget gear of mobile phones, tablets, cameras and accessories. What is Najer? Why is it unique?

With the constant change in technology, it’s becoming difficult to keep tabs of the latest developments in the gadget industry. The increasing tech mania in the UAE has led us to formulate a common platform for all the gizmo lovers. Let’s face it technology has served to become a dire need in our daily lives, which is why we work to bring top-notch products to our customers. If it’s anywhere related to gadget, you’ll find it on Najer.

Our Functionality
Najer brings a whole new e-commerce experience to the UAE region. We have tried to bring this region up-to-date with the technology world, so if there is a soon-to-launch gadget, we’ll be the first ones to provide our customers. When it comes to supplies, we only promise what we can deliver. If you see a product on the website, it is already present in our inventory so it will take up to 3 working days for the product to reach your doorstep. We have our own fleet and vans working which removes any chance of your dealing with any third party. You will be in contact with us at all times.

Point of Contact
We like to stay in close association with our customers, which is why you have plenty of ways to get in touch with Najer. We wish to hear your feedback, queries and thoughts on our products, performance and services.
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